Age of HGOLD DeFi

As we celebrate the HGOLD H20 upgrade, it’s time to introduce HGOLD’s new Defi staking protocol (180 days contract) to our Star Club community. This new Defi staking protocol is an exclusive benefit only for our Star Club members (Polaris level and above). By staking, you can earn more coins thru mining. The higher your Star Club level, the faster you can mine and the more you can earn!!!
Even more exciting, Sirius member has access to the Gemini Staking protocol. Sirius level members only need to stake their HGOLD into the contract and automatically earn HGOLD and EZX tokens simultaneously.
Now is the best time to earn more HGOLD and level up at the same time.

Welcome to Star Club and the new Gold Rush!!!
Annual Mining Rate:
Polaris: 4% (HGOLD 4%)
Vega: 6% (HGOLD 6%)
Sirius: 8% (HGOLD 4% + EZX 4%)

1. Your Star Clube level determines your minimum staking amount.
2. You can change your staking amount before the registration deadline
10/29 12:00 a.m. LA time
3. If you upgrade your level at Star Club before the deadline, you must meet the minimum requirement of your current level amount. 【Apply to rule (1)】

For example:
Assuming that you are Polaris
1. Your minimum staking amount is 3,000 HGOLD
【Rule (1)】
2. You can increase the staking amount of HGOLD according to your needs, before 10/29 12:00 a.m. LA time.
【Rule (2)】
3. If you have already registered to staked 5,000 HGOLD. And you level up to Vega before the deadline. Your minimum staking amount becomes 30,000 HGOLD. Therefore, you need to stake 30,000-5,000= 25,000HGOLD